Stadium has to fulfil some very strict requirements to merit a top grade. The football field has to be 80m long and 60m across, is covered with artificial flat, and supplied with a drainage system. 

The Stadium is equipped with a permanent loudspeaker system and a lighter system. The video stream of the competition will be available.

There are parking for spectators.

Other compulsory facilities include medical and veterinarian offices to provide first aid, and a 24/7 security surveillance system, watching all the areas.

The Stadium has to have at least 1500 seats.

Address: Pokrovskoe, 143066, Moscow region, Odintsovo district


E 36°49’11.08″ (36.819745)  

N 55°39’25.35″ (55.657042)

Place for training

The territory for dogs' training is situated abot 100-150 m far from the stadium.