Rules for mass media representatives accreditation to the events held by RKF

Rules for mass media representatives’ accreditation

1. Mass media representatives (hereinafter – mass media) accreditation to the events, held by Russian Kynological federation (hereinafter – RKF) is carried out in accordance with Russian Federation law "on mass media" and present rules in order to streamline the mass media work at the events. 
2. Mass media accreditation is obligatory to work at all the events held by the Russian Kynological Federation. Accreditation is valid for each event separately (dog show, Conference, Forum and others) during the period of the vote.
3. The right to get accreditation is given to journalists and press photographers, cameramen of Russian mass media, registered with the Federal Agency on press and mass communications in accordance with Russian Federation law "on mass media", as well as foreign journalists accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
4. Persons who are not mass media members, as well as representatives from photo agencies, advertising publications, catalogs or commercial Internet portals are not eligible for media accreditation.
5. Any event Organizing committee has the right to limit the number of accredited journalists, to refuse accreditation any mass media who provided false information about themselves, failed to pass accreditation procedure deadlines, violated the rules of the event.
6. Mass media wishing to participate in the events, submit an accreditation application (hereinafter - application) through a special form on the link. All the fields of the accreditation form should be filled in the application. Applications that do not meet the requirements of this paragraph are not accepted. Accreditation closes one day before each event begins, unless special rules of accreditation are set. Broadcasters who cover events must send an application with their cars numbers to the following e-mail address: e-mail:,  to enter the ground territory.
7. Accredited journalists registration and distribution of badges is held at the "Mass media registration" place, if there is a confirmed accreditation in the database of the Russian Kynological Federation press service and after demonstrating editorial ID or editorial assignment.
8. Accredited mass media have the right to:

  • Be present at RKF events;
  • Get information about the events programme;
  • Carry out photo and video shooting at the territory where the event is held;
  • Use all services designed for journalists;
  • Work in the press center, if there is any, during the period of the event using its facilities;
  • ake part in press-conferences, briefings, and other media events.

9. Accredited journalist is obliged:

  • To have a special badge on during the whole period of the activity at the event;
  • On demand demonstrate his editorial ID or other document proving ID and journalist credentials while carrying out professional activities;
  • Not break in the event procedure, unless it is organizes for the press specially;
  • Provide truthful information;
  • Follow the rules defined for activities, not carry out photo/video shooting on demand of security service representatives;
  • When using official information and quoting participants' remarks the ready materials must contain the name of the event and source of information received.

10. People carrying our photo and video shooting are forbidden:

  • To enter show objects (zones) for photo and video shooting without permission;
  •  To use photo and video equipment, light (including flash) and audio equipment, tripods, that can interfere in the procedure of judging dogs or create any obstacles that can impede the show organizers, judges, ring stewards, exhibitors and visitors;
  • To use any technical and other means to attract the attention of dogs in the main or breed rings;
  • To use any technical and other means to scare dogs.

11. It is strictly forbidden to give the badge to another person!
12. People who do not comply with the requirements established by these rules, or refuse to comply with them, are not allowed to enter the dog show ground, and might be removed from the dog show or brought to responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
13. The organizer of the dog show – RKF - and people, responsible for public order and public security are responsible for the control over the compliance with the requirements established by these rules at dog show venues events.
14. The organizer of the dog show – RKF is entitled to establish additional requirements for photo and video shooting during the dog show event.
15. The existence of accreditation does not imply presence at events that require special invitations.
16. Accredited journalists must provide the press service of the RKF with the copies of published materials/video plots about the event or links to them. In case of  absence published material or video plot, it may be denied accreditation to the representatives of this mass media for the other RKF events.
With questions and suggestions about cooperation please contact the Public relations and media group Manager  Olga Kataeva:

tel.: + 7 926 588 78 76, e-mail: